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01 October 2006

new blog home...

my new blog home is i may continue to post here. but i dont know. my whole blog has been move to the above address, in preparation for closing this one down... but that isnt something i was wanting to do right away.

have fun and have a great day =)


trouble brewing on the horizon.....

it just keeps getting better(sarcasm... im sure...)

about 9 hours ago we lost contact on radar with one of our planes, and radio contact with the crew.

untill we find the plane, and the crew, and then find out what caused it to happen, all operations with the squadron are halted.

now i havent been here all that long, i now know that this is different from iraq, a different kind of warrior we are fighting. oppertunistic, guerrilla style warfare.

other fun news...

3 days ago i was out on a security patrol(as squadron command duty officer) and i encountered a suspicious package, and footsteps leading away from the fenceline. EOD was called out, and the package was safely disposed of. i showed security the footprints, and they had me follow them out(why i still dont know... needless to say i am still shaking..) where we encountered a handful of fighters(i am glad i remembered how to actually use that M-16 they gave me)

for the record i am ok(save for my nerves...) 2 of the security guys were hit, but they look to make a full recovery, and the 4 jihadists have met their fate. 1 of them in a dismal, dishonorable way... from a bullet fired by a woman. this woman. i hope allah turns him away at the gate and sends him to the burning reaches of the deepest hell.

i just want to state for the record that i want to come home... i do not like it here. i hate afghanistan, i want to come home.

too early in the morning...

2am local time... (roughly 2:30pm pacific) we were awakened by a warning siren, god not again. i was supposed to have a flight today, but as it sits right now i will be going back to bed here soon, and then possibly the day off. i wish i had a way to get into SL. days off suck out here. there is nothing to do.

more later. when i actually get up for the day


25 September 2006

safely at the new base. and safely in my room.

i have arrived safely to the base, and am somewhat settled in. it is really really late here. and i am needing to get some sleep. like i said before. the time change is killing me. night all. and be good


That was a close one!

early early this morning there was a possible security threat. we were all awoke by the grim stacatto of small arms fire. after the shooting stopped, we all took a muster, all present and accounted for. we are going to be flying out to a better, more secure location today. one with a real hangar and a real runway. im now learning to fly out with EA-6B prowlers. they are a fun airplane to fly, however they are kinda slow. OJT by fire is what i am calling this. before this deployment, i had never been in a prowler before. ever. but i got enough familiarization on the way over to keep me alive when the shit hits the fan. the time change is killing me. well i have to go load up. we're flying out in about 2 hours. hopefully i will be able to post more often than once in a while. we're going to a bigger city. where we have a "base" so to speak. one where we have real security patrols. not impromptu groups made up of squadron personnel. actual basse security. yay. still have to carry this damn M-16 and this stupid M-9 pistol. the flak jacket is heavy, and i hate this damn helmet. i hope to god we arent here forever. im going crazy out here. someone help me. Wolfie, Reina, or anyone that reads this... you can send emails to me,

a little bit of home always helps. im glad we are going back to civilization!! yay for us!!

love and miss you all...

24 September 2006



Well, i am still alive. i still dont know how long we will be here. and i cant disclose my location, OPSEC says i cant. i am doing okay. im sick of the flak jackets and kevlar helmets already. i am not a fan of the m-16 rifle i have to carry all damn day when i am not flying. havent been shot at yet. dont wanna be shot at either. i heard michigan beat notre dame!! GO BLUE!!! well i have to go get ready for a security watch, and then into pre-flight so be well all. and have a great evening


10 September 2006

Belay my last!!!

Well, looks like i will be on the island until friday. they said they need me for another few days. our airplane is back in an up status, so my next week will be filled with flights. more later. love you all


09 September 2006

Almost done... for now...

Well. i have around 3 days left on the island before i head for home.

then i come back 2 weeks later for an undetermined amount of time. i have missed everyone i know from SL alot. and i am looking forward to being home, and being able to talk to all of you again. i have tried to get SL to run and it wont even connect on the dialup connection. so i dont know how i will make another few weeks without it. well im gonna give up the ghost for the night, so enjoy and have a great night.

Allie =)

07 September 2006

alive and kicking... well sort of...

aside from the shocking news of laborday morning, i am doing ok. still a bit shaken, as i have been a really really big croc hunter fan since the beginning. life long dream of working next to Mr and Mrs Irwin kind of fan. so it hurts. other than that, today i turn 28 years old. and i am only here long enough to change clothes and i am headed for the O club, convieniently placed about 25m from my current location well(looking out my window) maybe more like 40m.

anywho. i have found out that i will be here a lot longer than i expected. so to those looking to see me in world, not for a bit yet. *cries* i miss you guys and gals.

more later
Allie =)

04 September 2006

Steve Irwin, TV's Crocodile Hunter dies Monday Sept 4, 2006

Early this morning(0245), PDT, i heard on NWCN Channel 2, that Steve Irwin was killed. in a press release from Australia Zoo, zoo officials stated that Irwin was on a diving expedition on the great barrier reef, filming a documentary, and upon an encounter with a stingray, was impailed by the stingray's barb in the chest, possibly puncturing his heart, and ultimately died of the injury. his crew alerted medical personnel however the doctor pronounced him dead at the scene. he is survived by his wife terri, 8 year old daughter Bindy Sue, and 2 year old son Bob. He was 44 years old

the world has lost a ginormous icon this morning, i know i will keep his family in my prayers.

oh and dont ask why i was up at 3am. its a really really long story.